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LCS1 Model

Dimensions: 59"L x 15"W x 43"H

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Salon Chairs

oc01a Please call for your nearest Dealer.  1..813.886.7766

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LNS2 Model

Dimensions: 39"L x 17"W x 29"H

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Decorative Canvas

Large collection of decorative canvas with different style and shape designs will turn your salon imagination even more gorgeous.

                      Please call for your nearest Dealer. 1.813.886-7766


c01 c03 c02
C01 C02 C03
c04 c05 c06
C04 C05 C06
c07 c08 c09
C07 C08 C09
c10 c11 c12 c13
C10 C11 C12 C13
c14 c15 c16
C14 C15 C16
c17 c18 c19
C17 C18 C19
c20 c21 c22
C20 C21 C22
c23 c24 c25
C23 C24 C25
c26 c27 c28
C26 C27 C28



LNS1 Model


Dimensions: 43"L x 18"W x 29"H

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Other Accessories

Please contact us for your nearest Dealer. 1.813-886-7766

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LGD1 Model

Dimensions: 43"L x 15"W x 83"H

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