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Confort Massage Chair

Now Special:
The ultimate massage chair, relaxes you from your head to your toe, including fingertips. Using the best components, the Dream Chair provides multiple massage sessions, relaxing every part of your body and

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S-3 Model

Equiped with luxurious components, S-3 is a model you have never seen before. This pedicure spa will give its owners a peace-of-mind and its customers wonderful smiles.

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M-5 Model

LeZon M-5 promotes the original beauty with a modern polycrystal bowl, a great combination of the past and the present. All functions are situated within the arm reach and a new,

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D-3 Model

D-3 model is a break-through design with features of a world-class pedicure spa. A sturdy product with a great performance that can easily satisfy your customers.

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M-3 Model



M-3 model is a traditional design with the latest technology from its footrest to its massage chair. Renew your unit to fit all seasons or occasions by replacing the leather sets, an economic

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Salon Chairs

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D-5 Model

A polycrystal bowl incorparated into a stylish design to form a unique spa that will bring the luxury to your salon. All function controls are concentrated in the front to have a more efficient

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Decorative Canvas

Large collection of decorative canvas with different style and shape designs will turn your salon imagination even more gorgeous.

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D-7 Model

 LezonD7-CoolGray 2

A break-through design with features of a worl-class pedicure spa. Lezon D7 is a must for an upscale salon and spa. Lezon D7- an innovative design blended with the latest technologies bringing your client to another level of comfort.

LezonD7CoolGray-Caramel 2 LezonD7Turquoise-Cappu 2 LezonD7Turquoise 2 
Option 1:  Cool Gray - Base 
Option 2: Turquoise - Base
 Side View




  • Advanced rolling system with 4 wheels, 10 functions providing the auto massage therapy for upper body (Timer, 3 Auto Programs, Auto Scan, Knead, Speed, Combine, Tap, Wide/Narrow, Wheels Up/Down, and Seat Vibration)
  • Automatic control from your fingertips for Seat Forward/Backward, Backrest reclining.
  • Both armrests lift up for easy access.
  • Integrated spray hose provides fast and efficient spa cleaning.
  • Equipped with a pine-less whirlpool foot bath jet. A quiet pump motor with bi-dimensional jet for complete client relaxation.
  • Equipped with adjustable foot rest and LED spa light.
  • A luxurious stool with backrest is included to provide the comfort for the technician.
  • Luxurious Ultra leather upholstery.
Dimension: (with seat back) 68"L x 27"W x 60"H
Net Weight: 240 LBS
Shipping Weight: 290 LBS
Capacity of Tub: 5 US Galons
Spa Base: Fiber Glass with steel Frame
Power Source:
120V AC, 12 Amp, 60 Hz.
220-240 v AC, 12Amp, 50 Hz ( For Europe & Australia)

Other Accessories

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