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Q. Why should I purchase my spa from Lezon Spa?
A. LeZon's furniture and pedi spa are products of quality, dependability, and style. Incorporate our products into your salons to show your commitment of providing the world-class spa to your customers.

 Q. I am a salon owner, and I want to see your products, where can I find a distributor? 
A. Our sale representative will be happy to help you locate our authorized distributor near you. Please call 813-886-7766.

Q. How soon after I place an order will my new spa ship?
A. Generally your order will be ship within 3-5 business days. We will notify you asap if it is longer.

Q. Does your pedicure spa meet all the safety standards and is it UL Listed?
A. Our pedicure spa has been certified for safety by UL for both USA and Canada. Therefore, we will meet any safety standard if you are located in US or Canada.

Q. I don’t see any price listed. Does Lezon sell to salon?
A. Yes – If we don’t have our authorized dealer in your area. Please call us for more detail.
     No - We don’t sell to retail salon if there is an authorized dealer in your area.

Q. How much assembly required on my new spa unit?
A. It is very simple. Normally, it will sent to you in two pieces (the base and the chair). You simply hook the chair to the base.

Q. How does the spa drain? Do I need a drain pump?
A. The tub drains similar to a standard household bath tub. The drain in most spas can go straight down through the floor, out the back of the chair or it may need to drain upwards which requires a discharge pump.

Q. What are the spa features?
A. Please see our products for the complete features.

Q. How are the products shipped?
A. The products are shipped via LTL carrier (trucking), such as Estes, FedEx, Saia or other known carriers. All products are carefully packed in carton box and are tighten on skid (pallet).

Q. Pedicure spa is heavy and I don’t have anyone who can help me unload it. What should I do?
A. No problem. Just tell us what you need and we can help you arrange that. Our preferred carriers usually provide additional services, such as appointment for delivery, lift-gate delivery to avoid damage and inside delivery.

Q. What type of electricity do I need to install for my spa pedicure unit?
A. Most spas require a standard 110 volt GFCI protected outlet. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Q. What is the warranty policy?
A. Our products have one (1) year limited warranty. Please see our manual for more detail.

Q. Can I extend the warranty after one (1) year?
A. Please contact the dealer that you placed the order. That is optional between your dealer and you.

Q. Is there a return or exchange policy? If yes, what can I do now?
A. Please contact the dealer that you placed the order. They should be able to explain the process or any additional charge. Feel free to contact us if we can be any help. Note that all return merchandise must have RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Q. How often do I need to clean the whirlpool filter?
A. We recommend that you clean it every time after a service.